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Dashboard Covers by Josie

Dashboard Covers for Motorhomes

Now for Cars and Trucks too!

Vanilla Carpet Cover

Protect Your Investment

Our Dashboard Covers protect the dashboard of your car, truck, or motorhome from the damaging effects of the sun. They prevent cracking, fading, or drying of your leather or vinyl dashboard.

Increase Your Safety

Our Dashboard Covers reduce glare, not only when looking forward, BUT ALSO, they eliminate glare from the dashboard on  the side window, making it easier to see in the outside mirrors.

Great for Pets

Our Dashboard Covers protect your dashboard from scratches and holes caused by cats or dogs. Plus it gives them a comfortable place to nap while you're traveling!

Over 3,000 Patterns Available!

Chances are we will have a pattern that will match your motorhome's color and configuration. Call (517) 672-9905 to order yours today.